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Getting Started

System Requirements can be found here.

Start here if you're unfamiliar with ISOs and MD5s: Burning an ISO - Authoring Software - Using MD5 Checksums

Please download the md5.txt (right-click save-as) and verify the ISO before burning. In Lighthouse ROX-Filer, simply right-click the .iso and choose MD5SumGUI. It will calculate and compare automatically if both files are in the same folder. (Otherwise in Linux, open a terminal and type md5sum <filename>.)

Xdelta3 is built into Lighthouse. Here's how to use it. Let's say you already have LighthousePup-4.4.3-Gu1.iso:

1. Download the xdelta3 update below e.g., LighthousePup-4.43-Gu1-Gu2.iso.xdelta3
2. Place it in the same directory as your
3. In ROX-Filer, right-click on the xdelta3 file and choose Xdelta3GUI.
4. Verify the md5sum on your new

What if I have the previous version frugal installed but don't have the ISO? Click here for the files inside the ISO.

Lighthouse Pup Base ISO
2010.04.02  LighthousePup-4.43-Gu1-Gu2.iso.xdelta3    43M Update 4.43 Base ISO Gu1 to Gu2

2010.04.02  LighthousePup-4.43-Gu2.iso    md5.txt    215M Bootable CD Image (4.43 Gu2 Base ISO)

03.11  LighthousePup-4.43-f-Gu1.iso.xdelta3    42M Update 4.43 Base ISO F to Gu1

2010.03.11  LighthousePup-4.43-Gu1.iso    md5.txt    207M Bootable CD Image (4.43 Gu1 Base ISO)

01-26  LighthousePup-4.43-d-f.iso.xdelta3    16M Update 4.43 Base ISO D to Final

01-26  LighthousePup-4.43-f.iso    md5.txt    208M Bootable CD Image (4.43 Final Base ISO)

12-28  LighthousePup-4.43-c-d.iso.xdelta3    10M Update 4.43 Base ISO C to D

12-28  LighthousePup-4.43-d.iso    md5.txt    207M Bootable CD Image (4.43 D Base ISO)

12-14  LighthousePup-4.43-b-c.iso.xdelta3    132M Update 4.43 Base ISO Beta to C

12-14  LighthousePup-4.43-c.iso    md5.txt    206M Bootable CD Image (4.43 C Base ISO)

10-23  LighthousePup-4.43-a-b.iso.xdelta3    36M Update 4.43 Base ISO Alpha to Beta

10-23  LighthousePup-4.43-b.iso    md5.txt    211M Bootable CD Image (4.43 Beta Base ISO)

10-08  LighthousePup-4.4.3-a.iso    md5.txt    219M Bootable CD Image (4.43 Alpha Base ISO)

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Lighthouse Pup Mariner ISO

2010.04.02  LighthousePup-4.43-Gu1-Gu2_Mariner.iso.xdelta3  43M Update 4.43 Mariner ISO Gu1 to Gu2

2010.04.02  LighthousePup-4.43-Gu2_Mariner.iso   md5.txt  698M Bootable CD Image (4.43 Gu2 Base ISO + Mariner SFS + KDE SFS)

03.11  LighthousePup-4.43-f-Gu1_Mariner.iso.xdelta3  60M Update 4.43 Mariner ISO f to Gu1

2010.03.11  LighthousePup-4.43-Gu1_Mariner.iso   md5.txt  690M Bootable CD Image (4.43 Gu1 Base ISO + Mariner SFS + KDE SFS)

01-26  LighthousePup-4.43-d-f_Mariner.iso.xdelta3  72M Update 4.43 Mariner ISO D to Final

2010-01-26  LighthousePup-4.43-f_Mariner.iso   md5.txt  695M Bootable CD Image (4.43 F Base ISO + Mariner SFS + KDE SFS)

12-28  LighthousePup-4.43-c-d_Mariner.iso.xdelta3  35M Update 4.43 Mariner ISO C to D

2009-12-28  LighthousePup-4.43-d_Mariner.iso   md5.txt  693M Bootable CD Image (4.43 D Base ISO + Mariner SFS + KDE SFS)

12-14  LighthousePup-4.43-b-c_Mariner.iso.xdelta3  279M Update 4.43 Mariner ISO Beta to C

2009-12-14  LighthousePup-4.43-c_Mariner.iso   md5.txt  692M Bootable CD Image (4.43 C Base ISO + Mariner SFS + KDE SFS)

10-23  LighthousePup-4.43-a-b_Mariner.iso.xdelta3    71M Update 4.43 Mariner ISO Alpha to Beta

10-23  LighthousePup-4.43-b_Mariner.iso   md5.txt  692M Bootable CD Image (4.43 Beta Base ISO + Mariner SFS + KDE SFS)

10-08  LighthousePup-4.4.3-a_Mariner.iso   md5.txt  699M Bootable CD Image (4.43 Alpha Base ISO + Mariner SFS + KDE SFS)
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SFS (Squash File System) Software Expansion Packs - What is an SFS?

Mariner SFS add-on pack for Lighthouse Pup

Note versions of LHP Base and Mariner SFS; both should be the same, except for 'u' suffix, (Gu2 and G are compatible.) Download, place in /mnt/home, root directory of the partition where your pupsave file is, enable with BootManager in the System Menu and reboot.

All this in one file:
  • Firefox 3.6, Java 1.6u17, Thunderbird Email, Sunbird Calendar, Vuze 4.3
  • XINE, GQView, GKrellM System Monitor, TestDisk, PhotoRec, Truecrypt on-the-fly encryption, Xarchiver
2010-03-07 5-LHP-Mar-4-f-Mariner-4G_443.sfs.xdelta3 17M Update 443 Mariner SFS f to G

2010-03-07 5-Mariner-4G_443.sfs   md5.txt  228M (Version 443 G for LighthousePup-4.43-G.iso)

5-LHP-Mar-4d-4f_443.sfs.xdelta3 52M Update 443 Mariner SFS D to F

2010-01-26 5-LHP-Mar-4f_443.sfs   md5.txt  232M (Version 443 F for LighthousePup-4.43-f.iso)

5-LHP-Mar-4c-4d_443.sfs.xdelta3 21M Update 443 Mariner SFS C to D

5-LHP-Mar-4d_443.sfs   md5.txt  231M (Version 443 D for LighthousePup-4.43-d.iso)

5-LHP-Mar-4b-4c_443.sfs.xdelta3 25M Update 443 Mariner SFS Beta to C

5-LHP-Mar-4c_443.sfs   md5.txt  231M (Version 443 C for LighthousePup-4.43-c.iso)

10-23 5-LHP-Mar-4a-4b_443.sfs.xdelta3 32M Update 443 Mariner SFS Alpha to Beta

10-23 5-LHP-Mar-4b_443.sfs   md5.txt  233M (Version 443 Beta for LighthousePup-4.43-b.iso)

10-08 5-LHP-Mar-4a_443.sfs   md5.txt  232M (Version 443 Alpha for LighthousePup-4.4.3-a.iso)

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KDE SFS add-ons for Lighthouse Pup and Mariner SFS

  • KDE 4.3.3 and KDE 3.5.10 packages plus Amarok 1.4, K3b and related dependencies. (For additional KDE4 help files and wallpapers see Voyager SFS.)
  • Multi-user login manager (kdm: enable in xorgwizard, Advanced Options)
  • MoBlock + Mobloquer and moblock-monitor tray apps - internet traffic blocker and updater, similar to PeerGuardian
2010-03-07 4-KDE-4.3.3f-4.3.3G_443.sfs.xdelta3 1M Update KDE SFS 443 f to G

4-KDE-4.3.3G_443.sfs   md5.txt  255M KDE 4.3.3 443 G - Requires Mariner SFS

4-KDE-4.3.3d-4.3.3f_443.sfs.xdelta3 4M Update KDE SFS 443 D to F

4-KDE-4.3.3f_443.sfs   md5.txt  255M KDE 4.3.3 443 F - Requires Mariner SFS

4-KDE-4.3.3c-4.3.3d_443.sfs.xdelta3 5M Update KDE SFS 443 C to D

4-KDE-4.3.3d_443.sfs   md5.txt  255M KDE 4.3.3 443 D - Requires Mariner SFS

4-KDE-4.3.1b-4.3.3c_443.sfs.xdelta3 123M Update KDE SFS 443 Beta to C

4-KDE-4.3.3c_443.sfs   md5.txt  255M KDE 4.3.3 443 C - Requires Mariner SFS

10-23 4-KDE-4.3.1a-b_443.sfs.xdelta3 3M Update KDE SFS 443 Alpha to Beta

10-23 4-KDE-4.3.1b_443.sfs   md5.txt  248M KDE 4.3.1 443 Beta - Requires Mariner SFS

10-08 4-KDE-4.3.1a_443.sfs   md5.txt  248M KDE 4.3.1 443 Alpha - Requires Mariner SFS

2010.04.11 OpenOffice-3.2.sfs   md5.txt  152M Needs Mariner SFS for Java

OpenOffice-3.1.1-sfs4.sfs md5.txt  177M Includes Java

Graphics / Desktop Publishing (Mariner SFS required)

2010.04.11 Graphics-3in1-c.sfs   md5.txt   66M
  • Includes Blender 2.49a + Inkscape 0.47 + Scribus 1.33.13

  • Before running Blender, temporarily disable Compiz-Fusion and KDE desktop effects.

Internet / Network

Google Earth (3D accelerated display drivers w/ Mariner SFS required)

2009-12-27 GoogleEarth5.1a.sfs    md5.txt       26M

10-06 GoogleEarth-5.0a-sfs4.sfs    md5.txt       18M

2010-01-27 Opera-10.10-4742F.sfs    md5.txt   18.4M  Opera web browser

2010.02.02 Pidgin-2.6.5.sfs   md5.txt    5.1M   IM all your friends in one place www.pidgin.im
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2010.01.09 Kdenlive-0.7.7a.sfs
   md5.txt  69.5M (Mariner SFS & KDE SFS and SDL or Voyager SFS required) Kdenlive is an intuitive and powerful multi-track video editor, including most recent video technologies. Compiled by Battleshooter.

Other Add-ons

2010.02.02 Bibletime-2.5-1.sfs   md5.txt  27.1M (Mariner SFS & KDE SFS required) BibleTime is a completely free Bible study program.

2010-01-26 Kompozer-0.8a.sfs   md5.txt  12M KompoZer is a complete web authoring system that combines web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG web page editing.

Compiz-Fusion Eye candy and accessibility features available for KDE / LXDE / Xfce. tips and download

2010.03.07 Xfce-4.6.1a.sfs  md5.txt  20M Xfce 4.6.1, a lightweight desktop environment with Thunar File Manager 1.0.1 for Lighthouse Pup 4.43 G or later (volume management support in Thunar is not working; workaround--enable Automount-setup in Utility Menu or use Pmount to mount drives as needed.)

Supertuxkart-0.6.1a1-sfs4.sfs   md5.txt  101M  (3D accelerated display drivers w/ Mariner SFS required) SuperTuxKart is a 3D kart racing game, with many tracks, characters and items for you to try.
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Voyager SFS add-on pack for Lighthouse Pup and Mariner SFS
  • 200+ screensavers from Xscreensavers 5.10 and rss-glx_0.9 (Really Slick Screensavers)
  • 70 games including ArmagetronAdvanced, BZFlag, Descent2, Emilia Pinball, Frogger, GlTron, Mahjongg3D, TuxPuck, TuxRacer, X-Tux
  • Liquid Weather++ for KDE3.5, additional wallpapers, KDE4 help files, GKrellM skins
2010-03-07 5-LHP-Voy-4f-Voyager-4G_443.sfs.xdelta3 1M Update 443 Voyager SFS f to G

5-Voyager-4G_443.sfs   md5.txt 155M (Version 443 G requires Mariner SFS)

5-LHP-Voy-4d-4f_443.sfs.xdelta3 1M Update 443 Voyager SFS D to F

5-LHP-Voy-4f_443.sfs   md5.txt 155M (Version 443 F requires Mariner SFS)

12-28 5-LHP-Voy-4c-4d_443.sfs.xdelta3 1M Update 443 Voyager SFS C to D

12-28 5-LHP-Voy-4d_443.sfs   md5.txt 157M (Version 443 D requires Mariner SFS)

12-14 5-LHP-Voy-4b-4c_443.sfs.xdelta3 0.5M Update 443 Voyager SFS Beta to C

12-14 5-LHP-Voy-4c_443.sfs   md5.txt 158M (Version 443 C requires Mariner SFS)

10-23 5-LHP-Voy-4a-4b_443.sfs.xdelta3 0.5M Update 443 Voyager SFS Alpha to Beta

10-23 5-LHP-Voy-4b_443.sfs   md5.txt 167M (Version 443 Beta, requires Mariner SFS)

10-06 5-LHP-Voy-4a_443.sfs   md5.txt 167M (Version 443 Alpha, requires Mariner SFS)
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Development Add-ons (for Lighthouse Pup 4.43 or Puppy 4.3.1)

devx-443.sfs   md5.txt  90M  full C/C++ compiling environment

linux-   md5.txt  75M  if compiling kernel modules, then need this also

Anjuta-2.4.2a.sfs    md5.txt  75M Anjuta is an integrated development environment for the C and C++ computer programming languages

LHP Archives - versions 4.4.2, 4.1.2, 3.01, 2.15

This free software comes with absolutely no warranty. For GPL, LGPL, other licenses and documentation see /usr/share/doc, www.fsf.org/licensing and www.puppylinux.com/faq.htm.

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