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2009-09-17 KDE-4.2.4-l10n_442.sfs   md5.txt  240M Regions & languages for KDE 4.2.4

International keyboard layout fix for Lighthouse Pup 4.4.2 Final and prior

Graphics / Desktop Publishing add-ons (Mariner SFS required)

Lighthouse Pup 4.4.2 Final Base ISO released PuppyLinux derivatives forum

2009.09.06 Mariner, KDE 4.2.4 and Voyager 442 Final SFS add-on packs released

Opera-10.00-4585_442.sfs (Final)  13M  (Requires Mariner SFS) (Included in Mariner ISO.)

                     Bibletime_2.2-1.sfs  10M  (Requires KDE SFS and Mariner SFS, or Mariner ISO)

LHP_4.4.2du1-d_update1.pet bugfix for
Lighthouse Pup 4.4.2 D only.

2009.08.14 Lighthouse Pup 4.4.2 D Base ISO released PuppyLinux derivatives forum
2009.08.14 Mariner, KDE 4.2.4 and Voyager 442 D SFS add-on packs released
2009.08.14 GoogleEarth-5.0a.sfs (3D accelerated display drivers w/ Mariner SFS required)

2009.08.14 Supertuxkart-0.6.1a1.sfs (3D accelerated display drivers w/ Mariner SFS required) SuperTuxKart is a 3D kart racing game, with many tracks, characters and items for you to try.

Fixes for LHP 4.1.2 F and 4.4.2 C booting from a partition formatted with Fat32. This will be in the next release.

Lighthouse Pup 4.4.2 C Base ISO released PuppyLinux derivatives forum
2009.07.29 Mariner, KDE 4.2.4 and Voyager 442 C SFS add-on packs released

Lighthouse Pup 4.4.2 Beta 1 Base ISO released PuppyLinux derivatives forum
2009.07.17 Mariner, KDE 4.2.4 and Voyager 442 Beta 1 SFS add-on packs released

New add-ons, Opera_10_Beta1_442.sfs and Inkscape-0.46-i686-5sl.sfs

Tip for Compiz-Fusion SFS add-on:

2009.07.09 LHP 4.4.2 Alpha_update3.pet  md5.txt recommended for Lighthouse Pup 4.4.2 Alpha Update 2 only
Small (161 K) .pet with updated mount, swapon, extract-tgz, extract-txz, extract-Debian, slapt-getrc, Puppy universal installer and Puppy-Software-Installer. Swap can now be unmounted in GParted and drives can be mounted to /media directly in KDE's Dolphin File Manager. Removed 'nosmp' configuration to enable SMP in Universal installer. Extra Gslapt exclusions for improved safety, e.g., prevents the 'fontconfig' package from being inadvertantly installed. PSI was missing in the base ISO and this update replaces it.

2009.07.09 LHP 4.4.2 Alpha_Amarok2.1.1.pet  md5.txt optional update 14M (Requires KDE4 SFS) updates Amarok to 2.1.1, with colored transport buttons and qtscriptgenerator (enables Amarok lyrics panel).
Amarok_Lyrics - Click to Enlarge

Lighthouse Pup 4.4.2 Alpha Update 2 released
PuppyLinux derivatives forum 2009.07.04 CompizFusion SFS updated to 0.7.9-1g.sfs (from f to g.) Fixed a bug that made the up arrow malfunction in a terminal with C-F enabled. Also tweaked the default open/close window effects a bit and enabled screen shot shortcut <Ctrl><Shift>m.

I just found a bug in 4.4.2 Alpha--dotPets and dotPups don't open with Petget Package Manager as they should. A workaround is to right-click on the package (.pet and/or .pup) in ROX-Filer and choose 'Set Run Action'. Then replace 'pupzip' with 'petget' so that the shell command box reads 'petget "$1"' (without the single quotes) and click 'Use Command'. (I tried running the update-desktop-database and update-mime-database commands but that didn't help.) Or stick with Lighthouse Pup 4.1.2 for the time being...

(A couple of hours later...) Ok, I've updated the script /etc/rc.d/pup-dip-gui to fix that bug that affects dotPets and a few other mimetypes. After some additional testing, I plan to post an Xdelta3 update for the 4.4.2 ISOs with that fix, a KDE color scheme update and two new Lighthouse-themed wallpapers by Forum member jasmac.

2009.07.02 Lighthouse Pup 4.4.2 Alpha released PuppyLinux derivatives forum
2009.07.02 Mariner 442, KDE 4.2.4 and Voyager 442 SFS add-on packs released
2009.07.02 Oxygen Office Professional 3.01 and Bibletime 2.0 SFS

As lead developer for Lighthouse Pup, I spend most of my waking hours writing, testing, debugging, responding to feedback and updating the web site. I don't have a full-time job apart from the time I put into Lighthouse. The hosting for this web site is up for renewal and we have not received any donations for several weeks.

If you have some spare change, it could help pay for bandwidth and support further development. I don't think $10-15 is too much to ask for an efficient, full-featured operating system. Thank you for your consideration and to those who have donated, it was much appreciated!


2009.06.25 Lighthouse Pup 4.1.2 Final released PuppyLinux derivatives forum
2009.06.25 Mariner and Voyager SFS Packs both updated to version 4f

Mariner SFS
Voyager SFS

Updated CompizFusion-0.7.9-1f.sfs

Lighthouse Pup 4.1.2 RC3 released PuppyLinux derivatives forum
2009.06.06 Mariner and Voyager SFS Packs both updated to version 4rc3

Mariner SFS

Voyager SFS
Bibletime- 2.5M (Includes clucene and sword, depends on Mariner SFS)

LHP_4.1.2rc2u2-rc2_update2.pet (small update for Lighthouse 4.1.2 RC2 only)

LHP_4.1.2-rc2_update1.pet (small update for RC2 only)

Lighthouse 4.1.2 RC2 released PuppyLinux derivatives forum

What's New: Significant changes for LighthousePup 4.1.2-rc2

05.15 Mariner and Voyager SFS Packs both updated to version 4rc2

Lighthouse 4.1.2 RC1 released PuppyLinux derivatives forum

2009.04.07 Mariner and Voyager SFS Packs both updated to version 4c

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2009.03.09 Lighthouse 4.1.2 Beta 5 released PuppyLinux derivatives forum

You can update your Beta 4 ISO to Beta 5 by downloading the small xdelta3 and a few mouse-clicks.
2009.03.09 Mariner and Voyager SFS Packs both updated to version 4b5
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2009.02.20 Lighthouse 4.1.2 Beta 4 released
PuppyLinux derivatives forum
Reduced footprint of Lighthouse Base ISO to 198M by moving KDE, Firefox, Flash & Java to Mariner SFS. Base still has IceWM, JWM, SeaMonkey  & GIMP, plus Audacious, Audacity, VLC, Mplayer & PB Screensaver. (Removed XMMS.)

Now support up to 24 SFS application packs. SFS files are highlighted as they are mounted during boot-up. Added more mime-type icons in Rox-Filer. Edit-SFS updated with terminal status window during mksquashfs operation. Console-LHP updated to aterm with a bit of transparency and larger fonts for those of us with less-than-perfect vision.

Mariner SFS compatibility with official Puppy 4.x much improved. Two Lighthouse Configuration Panels, Standard LookNFeel for Base ISO and an expanded LookNFeelMariner. XScreenSavers and extra games moved to Voyager SFS.

   LighthousePup-4.1.2-b4 Base / Mariner ISOs
   Mariner LHP-Mar-4b4_412.sfs
   Voyager LHP-Voy-4b3_412.sfs
   Opera opera-10.00-alpha_412.sfs
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