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2008.11.17 LHP-Mar-02_301.sfs updated Mariner SFS 150M add-on package for LighthousePup-3.01g

2008.11.15 LighthousePup-3.01g.iso - (Gold) available more at Puppy Forum here

2008.11.5 LHP-Mar-01_301.sfs Mariner SFS 146M
add-on package for LighthousePup-3.01c
2008.10.27 LighthousePup-3.01c.iso - available more at Puppy Forum here
If you already have a copy of LighthousePup-3.01b7.iso, there's no need to download 3.01c.iso:
  1. Download the smaller xdelta3 update LighthousePup-3.01b7-3.01c.iso.xdelta3
  2. Place it in the same directory as your LighthousePup-3.01b7.iso
  3. If your running 3.01b7 (which has xdelta3,) open a terminal in that directory and type
    'xdelta3 -d LighthousePup-3.01b7-3.01c.iso.xdelta3'.
    (If not and you don't have xdelta3 already you'll need this small .pet first: http://www.puppylinux.ca/tpp/bugs/xdelta-3t.pet)
  4. Verify the md5sum on your new LighthousePup-3.01c.iso
Change Log v3.01c
Thank you for your contributions and inspiration: Smile Bligh, macadavy, MU, Barry Kauler, Pizzasgood, Caneri, ttuuxxx, Wolf Pup, Whodo, Barburo, Nathan Fisher, Lighthouse & Puppy alpha / beta testers, developers and many others' feedback on the forum.

2008.10.11 LighthousePup-3.01b7.iso available
more at Puppy Forum here
updates include KDE 3.5.9, K3b 1.0.5, Java 1.6u7, Firefox 3.03, Flash 9.0 r124, Azureus, Pburn-2.0.9, Fotoxx 5.3.1, gtkam, glibc 2.7, Juk Jukebox & Music Manager, Noatun, Muppymplayer, KScreensavers
2008.02.13 Muchas gracias to Caneri at www.puppylinux.ca, who is now mirroring LighthousePup at puppylinux.igsobe.com/puppylinux/tpp/Lighthouse and puppylinux.ca/tpp/Lighthouse

Also note his collection of Puppy applications and updates:
Current V 3.01 Bug Fixes

2008.02.07 LighthousePup_3.01a4.iso available for testing more info, comments on Puppy Forum here

The first 3.xx Lighthouse release is based on Puppy 3.01 and features Kirk's minimal KDE 3.5.7 SFS integrated into the base system as well as IceWM, GIMP 2.4.3, FireFox2.0.0.11, JAVA, Thunderbird, XINE, XMMS and K3b 1.03 with nearly all plugins, plus full graphics accelleration DRI and OPENGL modules. DRI is enabled by default for ATI display adapters along with translucency and shadow effects upon login to the KDE desktop. KDE logout panel includes an option to switch to IceWM and vice versa.

This is the fastest KDE desktop I've ever used; quick loading and responsive. Kernel and Init Scripts are identical to Puppy 3.01, except for modified xorgwizard for ATI AGP cards: Detects Radeon AGP 8x; dialog offers to set AGPMode to "4" required for DRI to work on my box. (https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/139210)

An otherwise identical LighthousePup_3.01a4_oo2.2.iso includes OpenOffice2.2.0.sfs as a separate SFS file within the ISO for the convenience of one download, without performance hit of building the additional 98M into the core.

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