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Getting Started

Start here if you're unfamiliar with ISOs and MD5s: Burning an ISO - Using MD5 Checksums

Please download the .md5.txt (right-click save-as) and verify the ISO before burning. In Lighthouse ROX-Filer, simply right-click the .iso and choose MD5SumGUI. It will calculate and compare automatically if both files are in the same folder. (Otherwise in Linux, open a terminal and type md5sum <filename>.)

Xdelta3 is built into Lighthouse. Here's how to use it. Let's say you already have LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc2.iso:

1. Download the xdelta3 update below e.g., LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc2-rc3.iso.xdelta3
2. Place it in the same directory as your
3. In ROX-Filer, right-click on the xdelta3 file and choose Xdelta3GUI.
4. Verify the md5sum on your new

Lighthouse Pup 4.1.2 Base ISO
2009-06-25  LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc3-f.iso.xdelta3  8M Update Base ISO rc3 to Final (See Getting Started above)

06-25  LighthousePup-4.1.2-f.iso.md5.txt           1k

2009-06-25  LighthousePup-4.1.2-f.iso               179M Bootable CD Image (4.1.2 Final Base ISO)

06-06  LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc2-rc3.iso.xdelta3  11M Update Base ISO rc2 to rc3 (See Getting Started above)

06-06  LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc3.iso.md5.txt           1k

2009-06-06  LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc3.iso               179M Bootable CD Image (RC3 Base ISO)

2009-05-23  LHP_4.1.2rc2u2-rc2_update2.pet               20K Recommended update for RC2 only)

05-15  LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc2.iso.md5.txt           1k

2009-05-15  LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc2.iso               181M Bootable CD Image (RC2 Base ISO)

04-07  LighthousePup-4.1.2-b5-rc1.iso.xdelta3  23M Xdelta3 b5-rc1 Update (See Getting Started above)

2009-04-07  LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc1.iso.md5.txt           1k

2009-04-07  LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc1.iso               204M Bootable CD Image (RC1 Base ISO, based on Puppy 4.1.2)

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2009-06-25  LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc3-f_Mariner.iso.xdelta3  9M Update Base+Mariner rc3 to Final (See Getting Started above)

2009-06-25 LighthousePup-4.1.2-f_Mariner.iso.md5.txt           1k

2009-06-25 LighthousePup-4.1.2-f_Mariner.iso 519M Bootable CD Image (Base ISO+Mariner-4f SFS+Opera-10a SFS)

2009-06-06  LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc2-rc3_Mariner.iso.xdelta3  75M Update Base+Mariner rc2 to rc3 (See Getting Started above)

2009-06-06 LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc3_Mariner.iso.md5.txt           1k

2009-06-06 LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc3_Mariner.iso 519M Bootable CD Image (Base ISO+Mariner-4rc3 SFS+Opera-10a SFS)

2009-05-15 LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc2_Mariner.iso.md5.txt           1k

2009-05-15 LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc2_Mariner.iso 496M Bootable CD Image (Base ISO+Mariner-4rc2 SFS+Opera-10a SFS)

04-07  LighthousePup-4.1.2-b5-rc1_Mariner.iso.xdelta3  60M Update Base+Mariner b5-rc1 (See Getting Started above)

2009-04-07 LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc1_Mariner.iso.md5.txt           1k

2009-04-07 LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc1_Mariner.iso 526M Bootable CD Image (Base ISO+Mariner-4c SFS+Opera-10a SFS)

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SFS (Squash File System) Software Expansion Packs for Lighthouse 4.1.2

Mariner | Voyager | Opera browser | GoogleEarth | OpenOffice | BibleTime | Compiz-Fusion | Development

Mariner SFS add-on pack for LighthousePup-4.1.2

Note versions of LHP Base and Mariner SFS; both should be the same. Download, place in /mnt/home, root directory of the partition where your pup_save file is, then reboot.

All this in one file:
  • KDE 3.5.10, K3b 1.05, Firefox 3.0.10, Java 1.6u11, Thunderbird Email, Sunbird Calendar, Azureus
  • Amarok 1.4.10 - rediscover your music, GQView, GKrellM System Monitor, TestDisk, PhotoRec
  • kdeutils-3.5.10 w/SuperKaramba & LiquidWeather++ desktop applet in KDE
  • 35 kdegames-3.5.10, Noatun, KScreensaversJuk Jukebox & Music Manager
  • Mariner 4c and later includes ATI Catalyst display drivers
  • nVidia drivers also included in Mariner 4rc2 and later
2009-06-25 5-LHP-Mar-4rc3-4f_412.sfs.xdelta3  1M Update Mariner rc3 to Final (See Getting Started above)

2009-06-25 5-LHP-Mar-4f_412.sfs.md5.txt   1k

2009-06-25 5-LHP-Mar-4f_412.sfs             325M (Version 4 Final for LighthousePup-4.1.2-f.iso)

2009-06-06 5-LHP-Mar-4rc2-4rc3_412.sfs.xdelta3  64M Update Mariner rc2-rc3 (See Getting Started above)

2009-06-06 5-LHP-Mar-4rc3_412.sfs.md5.txt   1k

2009-06-06 5-LHP-Mar-4rc3_412.sfs             325M (Version 4rc3 for LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc3.iso)

9-05-15 5-LHP-Mar-4rc2_412.sfs.md5.txt   1k

2009-05-15 5-LHP-Mar-4rc2_412.sfs             300M (Version 4rc2 for LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc2.iso)

04-07 5-LHP-Mar-4b5-4c_412.sfs.xdelta3  38M Xdelta3 Mariner 4b5-4c Update (See Getting Started above)

2009-04-07 5-LHP-Mar-4c_412.sfs.md5.txt   1k

2009-04-07 5-LHP-Mar-4c_412.sfs             308M (Version 4c for LighthousePup-4.1.2-rc1.iso)
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Opera 10 Alpha web browser

2009-02-20 opera-10.00-alpha_412.sfs.md5.txt   1k

2009-02-20 opera-10.00-alpha_412.sfs             16M

Google Earth (3D accelerated display drivers w/ Mariner SFS) recommended)

2009-04-07 GoogleEarth-4.3_412.sfs-md5.txt   1k

2009-04-07 GoogleEarth-4.3_412.sfs             20M


OpenOffice-3.0.sfs    159M http://www.puppylinux.ca/tpp/jb4x4/OpenOffice/

OpenOffice-2.3.1.sfs 140M http://www.puppylinux.ca/tpp/bugs/

OpenOffice-2.2.0.sfs  98M

Bibletime-  2.5M (Depends on Mariner SFS)  md5sum: 1c7dda334d4d31324c2778e6003b6eab

CompizFusion-0.7.9-1f.sfs SFS eye candy and accessibility features available for KDE. Screenshots and tips

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Voyager SFS add-on pack for LighthousePup-4.1.2 and Mariner SFS
  • 200+ screensavers from Xscreensavers 5.08 and rss-glx_0.8.2 (Really Slick Screensavers)
  • 70 games including Descent2, Frogger, Mahjongg3D, TuxPuck, Tux Racer, X-Tux
  • additional Kscreensavers, wallpapers and Audacious skins
2009-06-25  5-LHP-Voy-4rc3-4f_412.sfs.xdelta3  72M Update Voyager rc3 to Final (See Getting Started above)

9-06-25 5-LHP-Voy-4f_412.sfs.md5.txt   1k

2009-06-25 5-LHP-Voy-4f_412.sfs  165M (Version 4 Final, requires Mariner SFS)

2009-06-06  5-LHP-Voy-4rc2-4rc3_412.sfs.xdelta3  24M Update Voyager rc2 to rc3 (See Getting Started above)

9-06-06 5-LHP-Voy-4rc3_412.sfs.md5.txt   1k

2009-06-06 5-LHP-Voy-4rc3_412.sfs  104M (Version 4rc3, depends on Mariner SFS)

2009-05-15 5-LHP-Voy-4rc2_412.sfs.md5.txt   1k

2009-05-15 5-LHP-Voy-4rc2_412.sfs  86M (Version 4rc2, depends on Mariner SFS)

  5-LHP-Voy-4b5-4c_412.sfs.xdelta3  1211K Xdelta3 Voyager 4b5-4c Update (See Getting Started above)

9-04-07 5-LHP-Voy-4c_412.sfs.md5.txt   1k

2009-04-07 5-LHP-Voy-4c_412.sfs  94M (Version 4c, depends on Mariner SFS)
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Development Add-ons (for 4.1.2-rc2 or later)
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