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2014.10.17 Lighthouse Pup and LIghthouse 64 are not currently being maintained due to an extended illness. We appreciate your support during this difficult period and apologize for any inconvenience.

2013.07.03 Lighthouse
and Puppy Linux are featured in the List of Linux distributions that run from RAM on Wikipedia.org. 32-bit Lighthouse Pup is not being supported or maintained at this time. If you have a processor without 64-bit support, we recommend the latest Slacko Puppy.

2013.07.01 Lighthouse 64 6.02 Beta 2 is available. Lighthouse 64 requires a processor with 64-bit support and Includes Linux kernel 3.8.7, GIMP-2.8.4 image editor and experimental UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) support with a new graphical boot menu. Please check this section of the release notes before installing KDE4 or proprietary display drivers. PuppyLinux derivatives forum

Lighthouse 64 6.01 Beta is available and features Linux kernel 3.7.10 with many core packages from Slackware64 14.0, security, desktop updates, SpaceFM file manager and much more. PuppyLinux derivatives forum

Lighthouse64 5.15 Final
was released last Oct 30th. I suffered a relapse shortly thereafter, similar to last winter, but not as severe. I'm doing a little better now and am working toward a new release of LH64 with significant core updates, (kernel, glibc, Xorg, etc.) as well as updated Xfce and KDE add-on packs.

2012.08.03 Development of Lighthouse64 has resumed, albeit at a slower pace than before. The web site has been transferred to another web host and a new mirror site is under construction. A few updated Pet packages for L64 5.14 via the Update package manager are planned.

2012.05.18 Lighthouse development is currently on hold due to ongoing illness. In addition, the webhost plan requires that non-essential and older/beta ISOs and SFS files be removed from the web site to minimize disk usage. I apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your support during this difficult time.

Lighthouse64 5.14-B4 was released on 2011.12.23 PuppyLinux derivatives forum

2011.09.06 Lighthouse64 5.12 B1 released PuppyLinux derivatives forum

Lighthouse64 Mariner ISO 5.12-B1 

2011.06.12 Lighthouse64 5.11 Alpha released PuppyLinux derivatives forum

2011.02.28 Lighthouse Pup 5.03 G Released PuppyLinux derivatives forum

2011.01.17 Lighthouse Pup 5.02 G Released PuppyLinux derivatives forum
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